Monday, August 16, 2010

Bribery can be costly

Remember at the beginning of our summer vacation I came up with an intellectual recipe.  To keep stringbain and limabain occupied during the hottest summer days, I bought ten books at goodwill and promised prizes for every book they finished, and larger prizes as they got closer to the finish line.  We revisted the waterfall hike for the completion of book # 8.

The grand prize for reading 10 books in 10 weeks was a trip to a water park in Nashville - they've been to pools with one water slide, but never a big park with lots of slides and the infamous lazy river.  They burned the books up.  If their eyes had been fire it's hard to imagine them reading any faster.  It wasn't just determination to get to the end - I would wake up in the morning and limabain would be sitting on the couch reading.  Totally engrossed.  Anytime we've all headed out, stringbain was sure to have his current book with him.  They kind of raced at first, then settled into a steady reading routine. I've always loved reading and it made me smile everytime I saw them make it their own priority.

I realized last week public school was headed back into session and we were risking the end of the water park season before the 10 weeks were over.  I prodded them to read faster and we compromised that they could finish the 10th book within 2 days of our trip to the water park.  Limabain agreed wholeheartedly, and even slept in the swimming trunks the night before.

As the intellectual adult promising a grand prize you'd  think I would do my homework. I tend to run to the busy side, often out of time altogether, so I'll let you do the math: 10 books = $10,  divided by 2 readings for each book + $25 bucks worth of other prizes - any frustration of having to remind them to read + 6 admissions to water park @ $25. 

Knowing they have the reading bug, I'm satisfied it was money well spent.  Plus that lazy river was ever better than I remembered!

In the words of Mastercard - priceless!

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guitarwife97 said...

Miss those boys! Glad they enjoyed the water park AND the books!


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