Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Beer, Bravo, Blogging

With the first day of school thankfully just around the corner, I'm updating my resume in hopes of parleying the extra free time into a little income.

Emily Tickle Thomas
Suburbia, TN


1999-Present    VOLUNTEER
Duties include, but not limited to:
Inventory Control Manager
Seasonal Activities Director
Sr. Manicurist/ Pedicurist
Facebook and Twitter Administrator
Hazardous Materials Coordinator
In-House Mediator
Chief Educational and Medical Liaison

A Lifetime Ago    MARKETING
General miscellaneous responsibilities (which I can't specifically recall) with i
mpressive benefit package: 
Regular Paycheck
10 foot Cubicle with Available Drawers and Cabinets
Maximum 40 hours per week
Private Bathroom Privileges
Lunch Hour
Unrestricted Telephone Use

University of Mississippi 

Bachelor of Arts Degree with
Minor in Social "Studies"


Beer, Bravo TV, Blogging 

Another day, another story,


Em and Lib said...

you forgot you have the ability to be on call for DAYS, WEEKS at a time!

Sonny said...

And you forgot your incredible abilities at multitasking...

Anonymous said...

Add to current position: Child psychologist and pastoral counselor.

:) Kim


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