Thursday, July 15, 2010

Just a Thought

This week, for the zillionth time someone described me as a "laid back mom." What does that even mean?  Code for not doing it right.  For not always following the mumbo-jumbo found in the latest parenting book.  For not signing my kids up for 67 activities (and then bitching about driving them around).  For making more chicken nuggets and pizza than broccoli.  For refusing to compete in the Perfect Mom/ Perfect Children contest.  For nurturing my relationship with St. Joel as much as my relationship to the kids.  Well, if that is "laid back," guilty as charged.

I have been described this way since Number 1 came along almost exactly 11 years ago.  Even my own mother voiced her concern when I broke the news that Number 2 was on his way.  "He'll probably be playing alone in the street by age 2."  She always had a flair for the dramatic (genetics!).  Then, Number 3 and Number 4 came along.  With each child, it has simply become more and more obvious what really matters and what is, well, complete BS.

I am not "laid back".  I am "not careful".  Not careful with my words.  Not careful with my heart.  Not careful with my actions.  Some times that works out.  Other times, not so much.  But I'm happy.  My family is happy.  I enjoy my life more than I complain about it (summer vacation with all 4 kids at home 99% of the time notwithstanding).

Another day, another story,

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Patti Adley Bryan said...

I too was a laid back Mom. Family values and creating memories that my children will share with their children was much more important than scheduled activities. My children and my best friend's children still talk about berry picking and making jam....those are the fun times. Playing in the sprinkler, camping out in the back yard-telling ghost stories and taking goodies to elderly neighbors were fun things to do. Yes, we went to a lot of ballgames and golf matches as they got older, but we also went to them as a family supporting each other.


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