Friday, July 9, 2010

It's not a party

Until someone throws up.

Luckily AFTER we all enjoyed dinner at our favorite pizza place, Number 3 (aka The Usual Suspect) let out a massive burp followed by a look of surprise and well...threw his guts up tableside.

He continued more of the same out on the sidewalk and in the bushes in full view of no less than 10 people for a few minutes before proclaiming calmly "I'm good. I'm alright now."

Haven't been calling him Frat Boy lately for nothin.

*Memphis Pizza Cafe Free PR: As I was apologizing to the unlucky teenage boy who happened to pull the "vomiting kid" section while he was mopping up Number 3's vomit, he interrupted me and said, "Oh, happens all the time. As long as he's OK, I don't mind. Hope he feels better."

Another day, another story,

1 comment:

jopi said...

Hha ha! God gives u what u can handle.. I can totally see u with 4 boys, em...just blowin it off & movin on...whereas, I freak over every lil thing I even imagine may be wrong w/ 5lb. Papillon pup. :-) Thx 4 makin me laugh.


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