Thursday, July 22, 2010

Dog Days

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Whether you subscribe to the calendar practices of Ancient Rome, The Old Farmer's Almanac or the Book of Common Prayer, the dog days of summer don't start til late July, but they started last night for our family. Not in a feverish, frenzied way but more in a  silly summer way - that turned out to be astonishingly accurate.

After supper a friend posed this question:  If you were a dog, what breed would you be?  Not which one would you like to be, but which one actually embodies you?  

Seemingly silly enough, but you really have to intimately know and understand someone to recommend a breed-match. You have to know dogs pretty well too.  (I suppose you could do this with cats, but seriously, who knows cats that well?!)

It's incredibly amusing, not to mention satisfying to glance at a loved one and assign them a dog, especially when you know it's a perfect fit.  After working to match up bains and dogs, I went to Wikipedia and checked out the accuracy of our guesswork. 

Mainbain/Golden Retriever - versatile, intelligent and eager to please. Sincere, confident and kind. Loving. 

Stringbain/Irish Wolfhound - Easy going and quiet strongly bonded to family.  Can be stand-offish with strangers.  Loyal. 

Limabain/Scottish Terrier - Quick moving, playful, muscular and resilient. Feisty and loyal.  Fearless and independent.  Intelligent. 

Mexicanjumpingbain/English Boxer -  their head is a striking characteristic (and his has been since birth).  Bright and friendly temperment, cheerful companion. Brave and determined. Great love for family. 

Butterbain/Miniature Schnauzer - bred a a farm dog/boy. Alert, spirited and playful.  Eager to please and easy to train. Friendly.  

Yours truly? When he posed to question to me I quipped, "Weimaraner - practical and beautiful." When I looked it up on Wiki it said the only dogs Weimaraners get along with are other hunting dogs, specifically Golden Retrievers. They are protective, good with children, and loyal companions.   Can be aloof with strangers and requires extensive exercise.  Sensitive problem solver. 

It's spot-on and completely entertaining - try it NOW with the first person who pops into your head. My mother is a greyhound, my dad a bloodhound, brother a borzoi, SIL a Beagle. 

Once you start, it might cause a fevered frenzy in your family too!

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Nick Bull said...

And the bulldog is chiming in here...

ellen sanders said...

I took the dog quiz on and it said Lab retriever but after reading beagle while I was at the site, you might be right :). I'm much more stubborn than a Lab! Love you, great post

Mrs. White said...

I = Irish Wolfhound.

Rob and Carrie Boone said...

I have a had a blast going through your Blog! I took a test and I am a cocker spaniel


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