Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Cousin Carnival

Cousin Rita and her 2 boys (of course) came to visit from NC for several days, quickly the odyssey became The Cousin Carnival.  And what would a carnival be without a few side shows.  With no real plans, we ended up traipsing from Collierville to the Mississippi River and back.  I cannot possibly share all of our memories here, just a highlight reel.  See our 16 Balls in the Air Facebook page for more photos of all our Memphis adventures (several were free or close to it).  I am certain these boys will never forget the few, but special days together.  I know I won't.

Number 1, "Coming to Memphis and not going to Graceland would be like going to camp and not roasting marshmallows."

Number 4, "Daddy, are we going to get to see Elvis?"

Girls' Night Out Theme Music: Cowboy Guns in My Apartment and Pirate Girl
Number 3, "That is what Mommies do.  They TALK."  Number 1 adds, "Yes and men, they have to LISTEN."

After a LONG day at the pool, Cousin Rita gently suggested from her precarious perch in the minivan, "Quit 'finning' each other with the plastic sharks!!!"

Number 2, "This (The Peabody Hotel) would be a great place for hide and seek!"

Cousin W, "Oh! I thought we were going to a store that sold apples."

Number 2, when asked why he was only wearing one shoe, "I only want to put one foot in the Mississippi River."

"Number 4 (two hours past naptime) is really hanging in there with you big kids," I marveled.  Number 1, "No Mom, he's not 'hanging in there', he's IN there!"

Common refrain from The Elders, Number 1 and Cousin R, "What!?! We didn't do anything." 

Hanging out on Beale Street.  Can't deny genetics.

Another day, another story,


Em and Lib said...

It looks SUPER FUN!

Anonymous said...

I think you should entitle this: "16ballsintheair Guide to Memphis"? Pretty cool!!!!!

Em and Lib said...

Bonus material: Number 3 & 4 are entralled w/ the fact Elvis died "in the potty". Several questions about him "going #1 or #2" since our educational trip to Graceland.


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