Thursday, June 3, 2010

Celebrate good times

Does Kool and the Gang remind you of the skating rink?  And does the skating rink remind you of blasting cold air conditioning?   What about having to shield your eyes from sunlight when you walked out to go get in your car?

Well, it might not have had the blasting air conditioning or the aura old dingy carpet affords,  my kitchen doubled as a skating rink the other day.  The boys were dying to go swimming, but I had to mop the floor.   I'm not much of a mopper  - ask my fairygodmother -  but a recent fly outbreak necessitated it.  It was just plain unhealthy - I even had a nightmare about a swarm of the dirty pests over taking a corner of our house. 

So, we made a deal: they would help me by sock mopping, and I would take them to the creek.  They happily cleared out all the stools while I swept and filled the bucket with not-too hot soapy water.
 First you take the sock...then you put it on and dip your feet/legs into the bucket

Skate around in wet feet, hopefully remembering to encourage them to poke their toes into corners.
Consider it  BIG TIME funwork when they start mopping with all 4's!

*this post linked to Kristen at WFMW*


Joy said...

Song lyrics for a clever! ;)

Lynn said...

Love this idea :) I've done it with rags on the kitchen floor (you keep your shoes on and just "skate" on the rags) but I think your way looks like more fun. Love the photos, too!

Lindsey @ A New Life said...

Oh my goodness~~ I LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea! My kids will get such a blast out of doing that!

So nice to "meet" you!



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