Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Very Special Day - Plan B

You know what a mom does?  A mom tries her very best to make the bad weather stop, silence the tornado sirens and calm the lightning on the only day that will ever be her son's 9th birthday. She has to make the grown-up decision to call all the parents and tell them not to come.  She holds back the tears when she tells him his birthday party has to be postponed until next weekend.  She waits until she can call her friend from her closet to fall apart about it all.  Then, she waits for the weather to calm down slightly, drives across town to pick up the cookie cake she ordered, calls the moms of the invited kids who live in the neighborhood and invites them over for a last minute-completely unorganized-run around the house-play video games birthday party.  A mom, with help from some of her friends, saves the day.  That is what a mom does.

Another day, another story,

1 comment:

magsmcc said...

Well done. As much emotional energy as that bad old storm. Well done! Memories are made of these flashes!


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