Friday, May 28, 2010

Vacation at home

While Em is busy on the road to white sandy beaches, the baintrain begged me to take them to a new swimming hole....ironically called the beach.

 No white sand, but beautiful nonetheless.

A bit colder than the Atlantic, but swim-worthy. 

Relaxing for 2 reasons: natural beauty and no cell signal, so no interruptions. 

Entertainment provided: crawfish hunting.

After catching they have to see how much the crawfish can bench-press!

Bonus: bull-frog tadpole.  We had to bring it home. It's now on the kitchen counter - hoping to be left alone long enough to grow into a full grown amphibian.

Even though I prefer white sand to rocky beaches, they could care less where we are, as long as we are together.  That's what being at the beach is all about: distraction-free living.  Hope I can do it all summer long....



Anonymous said...

I Love the "new" beach too, I think we all will get enough of it this summer.

Indiamommy said...

Is this beach Blanchard Springs?
I saw your story in Memphis Parenting and had to come over and check you out. Reminds me of a friend of mine and me...we both have three kids, all but one is adopted, and while we don't blog together, you can find us calling each other all day long, working out difficult parenting issues, and occassionally getting together. We BOTH live in the Memphis area! We should get together more often.

Thanks for all of your words here...great to read.


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