Wednesday, May 26, 2010

This Week's Juggling Act 5-26-10: Another Mouth to Feed

No, we didn't adopt a baby or get a dog!  I know my limits.  I'm crazy, not insane.  But fortunately, I'm just crazy enough to say "Yes" when a friend asked me to keep her 5 month old baby BOY (of course) for 2 days.

What's really strange is that it really hasn't been that big of a deal.  I thought there would be at least a couple of chaos moments (like any other day), but it has actually been relatively calm.  My boys have been loving all over him, fighting to feed and entertain him (including a few Black Eyed Peas YouTube videos, but don't tell his sweet, first-time-mother mom) and generally enjoying having a baby in our house.

It strikes me that once upon a time I thought taking care of an infant was REALLY hard. When I was a sweet, first-time-mother mom, I agonized and worried about so many things that I would hardly give a second thought to now.  I'm sure I didn't appreciate enough the wonderfulness of just being with a baby. Even while juggling my 4 boys during this babysitting assignment, I was able to find a couple of hours to simply hold this beautiful sleeping baby on my chest and watch a little Food Network.  Heaven on Earth in my opinion.

I can SO see how people end up with even bigger families than ours.  There is just nothing quite like a baby.  Grateful that I added this to my juggling act this week.

What are you juggling this week?


Stacia said...

Me? I'm wondering how on earth I'll ever figure out how to mother three children. And you're mastering five! Wow. Any tips?? (Specifically, how I can sneak in a little Food Network, too.) =>

Amy Danielle said...

Mothers of boys, unite. (I have seven, myself.)

You're right, there is nothing quite like a baby. And my husband's favorite thing to do while holding one is watch the Food Network. :)


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