Wednesday, May 12, 2010

This Week's Juggling Act 5-12-10: More Listening, Less Talking

What I hear when I listen more and talk less.

Number 1, mid-turn to walk towards his friends, "I don't care, if you want to, whatever." (When I asked for the third time if he wanted me to stay at the big end of school luau party.  I left.)

Number 2, "Memorial Day is when we think about the people who were in wars for America and go to the beach and honor Nana."

Number 3, "Mama, when are we going back to Texas just you me and Daddy?  I have an idea. I think we should go with the whole family to, you, Daddy, The Brothers, MaMaw, PaPaw, Gigi, and Papoo in a RV...we could drive there when no one has to go to school and no one has to go to work...we could go to the Texas Zoo like we did that time and see the lemur and that really, really, really tall giraffe.  Can we do that Mama?"

Number 4, "This is a beetiful day. Mommy, you're beetiful too."

What are you juggling this week?


LIB said...

LOVE THIS! I asked R the other day what he was grateful for, and he said "that Mom get's more beeyoutifull every day!"

Melissa @ Cellulite Investigation said...

I have relatives in Texas and when I was little, my whole family rented a huge van and we drove to visit them from PA, my grandmom and grandpop, aunt and uncle, 3 cousins, my parents, and my brother and me. Crazy times, for sure! Too many Shoney's meals to remember (kids ate free). Those are the kinds of memories that last forever, though.


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