Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy is a Choice

This is my first Mother's Day without my mother.  And 3 years ago this week, my doctor told St. Joel, "It's cancer."  And I didn't get a new minivan or gift certificate for plastic surgery for this morning.

I am not any more or less sad today about losing my mom because it's Mother's Day.  The everyday longing for her doesn't know the difference.  I miss her the same amount today as I did last Tuesday.  Mothers Day is simply another reminder that she is gone.

Happy is a choice and today, I choose happy.

Today I choose to be grateful I am a mother to 4 beautiful boys.  I choose to be grateful I am healthy. I choose to be grateful for St. Joel and our family and friends.  And I choose to take the same advice I give my kids, "You can be sad, you can miss what you don't have, but you cannot be miserable."  

I choose a happy mother's day.

Another day, another story,


Em and Lib said...

Perfectly expressed. I hoped that pic was the one you would choose to you, friend.

magsmcc said...

Bon courage.

the4leegirls said...

Amen girl.

April said...

you are awesome!

Anonymous said...

(((sigh)))) Love the post. Love the picture. Love you.


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