Monday, April 5, 2010

Pancakes+custard+fruit = YUM!

I'm nothing if not an adventurous eater, and am always striving to make the bains fearless about food and drink.  In my experience one of the greatest ways to soak up a new culture while traveling is to eat what the locals eat.   I have been known to use my most commanding mom-voice to make them taste new things.  Like pate. I did have the presence of mind to have them close their eyes on that one, though.

My quest to alter breakfast in our kitchen is becoming something the baintrain - not to mention mainbain - really looks forward to.  My fabulous blog partner forwarded me this recipe as fodder for my project.  You know I couldn't just leave it alone...I had to change it up a bit.  First of all, there wasn't an un-frozen organic strawberry to be had in a 90 miles radius, so I decided to make a quick strawberry sauce with the frozen, organic ones.  And I added bananas, used homemade pancakes and changed the pastry in my humble opinion this is a weekend breakfast treat.  A tad on the involved side, and not photogenic at all,  but incredibly yummy and fabulous. 


Make the strawberry sauce first, since it has to cool. 
2 C. baking mix
make according to package directions, enlisting some help from your brood. 

strawberry sauce
7 T water
4 T sugar/xylitol/agave nectar - however you prefer to sweeten
2 T non-gmo cornstarch
12-14 oz frozen strawberries- sliced.  Yes, they slice frozen just fine.
juice of 1 lemon or a bit more to taste. 
dash of salt
Mix all ingredients a medium sauce pan, stirring to combine.  Bring to a slow boil, stirring constantly. Continue boiling until sauce is clear - set aside and cool. 

custard cream
1 pt whipping cream
2 T sugar
1 c vanilla yogurt
1 c sour cream
whip cream, adding sugar in a steady stream.  Once stiff peaks form, fold in yogurt and sour cream. Make this right before you assemble.

To assemble the lasagna:

Layer 1: pancakes
Layer 2: strawberry sauce
Layer 3: custard cream
Layer 4 : blueberries, bananas or whatever fruit you prefer

Repeat layers and E*N*J*O*Y!

I made it for Easter Morning and the bains gobbled up the entire pan - I had to finesse my little taste/bite off of butterbain's plate!  

It comes together quickly, don't let all the steps intimidate you. Of course you could use frozen pancakes or waffles as she did in the original recipe and it would be quicker, but either way it's a breakfast that takes time. 

We were back to bacon and eggs this morning. Ho-hum.
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Jen@balancing Beautyand Bedlam said...

YUM!!! I have had a recipe similar to this cut out for AGES and haven't made it...need to put this on my Sat morning breakfast list now that sports are done on Sat.
Hope you great ladies are doing well. So fun to actually put faces with you now after Blissdom. :)

Make sure to link back so that everyone can join in on the fun. thx!

Melinda said...

What a great idea! I can't wait to try this with my kids!

Brenda said...

The custard adds something different to this recipe. YUM

Lisa@BlessedwithGrace said...

Sounds like a great recipe.Thanks for sharing your recipe and linking to Tempt My Tummy Tuesday.

Kim said...

I would have liked to seen a pic of this, it sounds wonderful!

Julie said...

What a fun and interesting recipe!

Anne said...

That sounds so good! I made a Waffle "Cake" recently - layered waffles with fresh berries, whipped cream and chocolate sauce for "frosting". Yum! This sounds like it would be just as delicious:)

Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates said...

Sounds delicious and like such a fun breakfast idea!


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