Monday, April 19, 2010

Just another mexican monday...

We hosted a wedding reception this weekend.  There was a LOT of food left over and I was tempted to just not.cook.breakfast.  I did that yesterday, though, and how many left overs can kids eat before staging a major revolt?  I decided not to press my luck, and whipped up these breakfast quesadillas. They met most of my alternative-breakfast criteria: simple, quick, tasty and not loaded with sugar. 

::Breakfast quesadillas::
                makes 6 big ones

1/3 lb. breakfast sausage
7  fresh eggs mixed with a bit of milk
shredded cheese
12 tortillas - I used corn of course.

Directions: Brown breakfast sausage in skillet.  Cook until no pink remains.  Add egg/milk mixture directly to skillet and cook until done. Hopefully you have a griddle, since it makes this recipe so simple.  

To assemble: make quesadilla by spooning about 1/3 cup of cooked scrambled egg/sausage mixture onto a tortilla, top with as much cheese as you want and another tortilla shell. Cook until the cheese is melted and it's crispy on both sides. 

The baintrain ate it with their favorite hot sauce. I'm sure you could serve it with salsa, a bit of guacamole or queso...but again, I threw this together at the last minute, so no time to dress it up. 

I thought after all the leftovers they consumed yesterday they'd be a bit hungrier.  However, I now have one of these sitting in my fridge. 
Left overs: you can't live with them, you can't live without them...


This post is linked to Rachel and Lisa and Kelly- recipe mavens!
And Kristin whose tips are fabulous!


Kathleen said...

what a great breakfast! I never though of having quesadillas made with breakfast ingredients. Brilliant!

Nanna said...

this sounds yummie



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