Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Irony

I can't help notice the irony of Lib running a marathon as I type, finish off 1 (or maybe 2) cinnamon rolls and drink a big cup of coffee.  And I'm still in my PJ's with no immediate plans to get out of them.  I've already gotten my daily exercise by walking to the curb to get the morning paper.  Ironic, huh?

Then I remember that we have way more in common than we have in un-common.  Her family brought us together as friends nearly 16 years ago and this afternoon we will celebrate her remarkable Grandmama Honey's 90th birthday together.

Friendship isn't about how much you are alike or different.  It is about loving and supporting each other in spite of it all.  And for that, I am gratefully blessed.

Another day, another story,


Mommy, Esq. said...

Aw man I want to be in that picture with all y'all! Can't believe you look like you're having so much fun without me.

Em and Lib said...

So sweet em! I am truly blessed as well...

Heather G. said...

I needed that post today. Thanks Emily!


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