Thursday, April 15, 2010

"How DO you do it?"

I get that a lot. From friends, family. From strangers in restaurants
or the grocery store. Sometimes I say it to myself. My standard answer
is usually something like "it's crazy" or "half the time I don't even
know".  But I do know one thing that works for our family:

No one is involved in any outside activity which requires practices, 
money, equipment and/ or uniforms until at least age 7. And then only 
one activity at a time that they REALLY REALLY like.

The benefits of this one unwritten family rule equal more time for
family, schoolwork, and fun. It means less stress and less
frazzledness trying to be several different places at several
different times. We do more things together. We eat together more
often. We have time to spend with friends. St. Joel and I have time
to go out without the kids. The kids have time to spend with their
grandparents. Just this week we've gone on a family bike ride one
night, to the park another night. Tonight we have absolutely nothing
planned which sounds perfect to me.

We are still busy sometimes and I still get frazzled. Hell, just
cleaning, dressing and feeding the whole group is enough activity most
days. I sometimes wonder if we would be the same way if we had fewer
kids...I hope so.

Another day, another story,


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this today! it was truly needed to be read by me. I just birthed my fourth baby boy 9 weeks ago today. My oldest is seven and I feel guilty for not haivng him engaged in more routine sporting/axtr-curricular activities. It's good to know that I am practicing what you are preaching! Thanks for your guidance!

Em and Lib said...

"Anonymous" you just made everything I've ever typed on here worthwhile!

Whenever I feel the pressure of being the exception to the rule, I remind myself that no "activity" is more important, educational or worthwhile than just being with family.


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