Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Family project

I mentioned we had a wedding reception at our house last weekend.  Our house was chosen because we have a huge side yard, perfect for a large outdoor party. We realized a week before the party how much work was necessary to get our house ready-looking. The front flower beds needed a complete overhaul:  replacing dead shrubs , planting new azaleas and butterfly bushes.  After many spring rains deluges, the location was in desperate need of mowing and all the planters needed help.  There's nothing like the prospect of having over a hundred guests to propel us into action.

You've heard of kids who fall asleep whenever they are in their swing or bouncy seat.  The lawnmower worked that way for Mexicanjumpingbain, and he considers himself a professional lawn mower as a result. Only the weight control/automatic shut-off won't let him do it without me.  Which is probably safer...
Butterbain said he loves the days we mow.  When I asked him why, he responded "Because I get to sit in your lap for a long time.  And we get to kill fire ants by running over them." Loving and practical - love that about him!

I'm a fan of the lap sitting part too - since it leads to hand-holding. 


Of course after you mow there's trim work. I'm so incredibly thankful for my turning-into-a-man-in-front-of-my-eyes 12 year old who considers weed eating 1) fun and 2) cool to rev it up in between whacking down weeds, all the while wearing my sunglasses.

The best part of our family project takes a bit of explanation.  Over the years mainbain and I have not had a stellar record of working on projects like yard work together.  We may have done it "together" but our hearts were far apart from each other.  Our track record is one of getting snippy under pressure, then putting on happy faces once the party starts.  We've gotten lots of big jobs done, but had no fun in the process. You can only imagine that as our lives and marriage have changed in the last several years the magnetic pull back to our old dance steps has been strong. 

So, the best part about all that we accomplished - and it ended up A LOT more than just yard work - was the opportunity to enjoy each other's company while working side by side.  To laugh and joke while shoveling dirt, planting shrubs, making tea and moving trays of food. 

Thankful we were smiling, not just putting on happy faces, during the whole event.  

check out where this post is linked:  Emily and Ann.

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April said...

y'all are the best hosts ever! The reception was fantastic! I had so much fun with y'all!


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