Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Country boy creativity

Sometimes - okay a lot of time - I would like to rewind the clock and be a child again.  But not just any child,  I want to be a friend of my own children. Who wouldn't love being the friend of boys who:

when stringbain was told to practice his pitching skills with his younger brothers, he used what was readily available on top of the pile of shoes by the front door: his muck boots.  Perhaps the extra weight of those benefits his training, somehow?!  It certainly benefited my attitude to see him out there winding up, as if wearing boots on the mound might become a new baseball fad.

And you've been wondering - or at least your kids have - about the secret to running fast, jumping far and landing softly.   Look no further than mexicanjumpingbain's invention.  He hasn't named it, but this is country boy creativity at it's best.  The power of imaginary persuasion.  It's a sock that had a hole in it that he had to make into something.  I haven't clocked his speed, but watching him run the bases at a recent game made me think it might be marketable.

Look forward to sleeping outside together...even if one of them admitted being a little bit afraid and convinced mainbain to join them. That's mainbain back there on the chair wrapped in his fleece chrysalis.

At least one of us is good at entering the kid-again realm....

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ellen sanders said...


patty said...

sweet photos and sweet post. love LOVE those boots! and i've got a baseball player, too,,, :)

Joy said...

Hooray for the "chrysalis of fleece" making the blog. It was too catchy a phrase to keep to yourself.

April said...



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