Tuesday, March 16, 2010

This Week's Juggling Act 3-17-10

This week is Spring Break or as I like to call it, Summer Dress Rehearsal.  So currently I'm juggling:

A 10 year old, an 8 year old, a 4 year old (who thinks he's a 9 year old), a 2 year old AND...MOM.  Mommy.  He's touching me.  Watch this.  Mama.  I'm hungry.  MOM.  It's Mine.  Mommy.  He's touching me.  Mama.  MOM.  I'm bored.  Mommy.  Watch this Mama.  I'm hungry.  MOM.  It's Mine.  Mommy.  Watch this.  AND...Video games.  TV.  Park.  One Near Duck/ Goose Attack.  Museum.  School of Rock.  Video games.  TV.  Star Wars Monopoly.  The Wild.  Video games.  TV.  Pet Store Field Trip.  Video games.  TV.  Zoo.  AND...Cereal.  Coffee.  Waffles.  Chips.  PBJ's.  Fruit snacks.  Pizza.  Coffee.  Apple juice.  Sippy cups.  Chicken nuggets.  Apple juice.  Pizza.  Cereal.  Waffles.  Chips.  PBJ's. Fruit snacks.  Apple juice.  Laundry.

What are you juggling?

1 comment:

Em and Lib said...

Keep up the great work! You really know how to keep a lot pf balls in the air!! *hugs*


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