Sunday, March 28, 2010

(Partial) Reparation

I added it up.  My body was utilized as a mini-one-room-apartment for over 4 years. It's time for the reparation to begin.

Even though I experienced breaks in between tenants - that's still a long lease.  Even though I am overwhelmingly grateful for the baintrain, having them left it's mark.  If you've ever had rental property, you know that there's a lot of upkeep.  In between renters you usually have to patch holes in the wall, re-paint, re-caulk and hordes of other small tasks.

In between mexicanjumpingbain  and butterbain I developed - as heredity predicted -  varicose veins.  They weren't that bad, and since I wasn't done being pregnant I didn't see any reason to have them checked out or repaired.  I became a runner and they got worse.  Then I had butterbain and they throbbed on a regular basis, and looked awful.  I'm a big huge gigantic proponent of natural healing, but this is one thing no supplement or yoga class can help.  Once they appear, there isn't a non-invasive option.

Through a reliable source I found world renowned doctor just an hour and half from home.   He promised to have my varicosities (had to use that word) in just three sessions.  Best of all, it wouldn't interfere with my half-marathon training.  He insists his patients exercise 30-40 minutes twice a day immediately following the in-office surgery.  Price and timing dovetailed perfectly into my life, so I eagerly booked my appointments.  I would be running pain-free in time for the marathon!  I arrived right on time for my first appointment and was taken back immediately.   Everything about the procedure and post op was explained.  Then the shots began.  I really don't think I'm a wimp, but those lidocaine shots hurt like crazy. You know what's coming.  If the shots they use to numb your leg hurts, what do you think the treatment felt like?  The twelve lidocaine shots were effective, I felt no pain.  But it did feel like a c-section on my leg. All that pulling and tugging and poking and pressure.  Not. Fun.   And I had to do it two more times.

Stringbain took the picture at the top of this post that's evidence of my last treatment.  Not to get gory, but Dr. L said what he took out was like I-75 around Atlanta.  After the lidocaine wore off it felt like I was walking around on an empty straw.  Also not fun.

However, every day the pain gets less and I remember that once it's all healed up I won't have constant throbbing or any reason not to wear shorts.  (I was *actually* still wearing shorts, but very conscious of that vein.)

I want to end this post with a pithy statement about all the other work that could be needs to be done to complete the reparation project that is my body.  I think I'm too close to pain and bruising and limping on my morning runs to come up with anything good, though.  Definitely too close to even consider any other "projects."

I do know this: that one room was a great starter home for some darling boys.  This bit of renovation, whether you want to term it re-painting, caulking or patching is part of getting my apartment in the best shape possible -  renters or not!




April said...

I am glad that the pain is getting less and less, but so sorry that you had to endure the procedure and the also the throbbing and pain before hand :-( You are a remarkable mom, and I think it's great that you are doing something like this just for yourself! Good luck!

Madiy/ Madison said...

That "reliable source" is my mom! thank you very much :) btw love the blog :) mom does too :P also tell the boys i say hi


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