Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I'll take some more, please!

I wrote about our family gratitude project last week.  I've been astounded, humbled and awed at what's been recorded in less than 2 weeks. I received this quote yesterday:

When we choose not to focus on what is missing from our lives, but are grateful for the abundance that's present...we experience heaven on earth. (S. Breathnach) 

This morning mainbain and I rushed around to get everyone to Morning Prayer, and while there we participated in the canticle which reminded me again:

Be thankful unto Him and speak good of His name 

Even though we'd begun the day with prayer (you'd think a pretty sure fire way to get started), we ran late getting home. Which landed me in a massive pout because I didn't get to exercise, but I found myself washing dishes and craving more.  More gratitude. The image of a tipsy blackjack player exclaiming, hit me again even came to mind.  Not exactly the most upright, righteous or christian image, I know - but I'm being honest. Because being hit over the head again with varied reasons worthy of gratitude keeps my heart open.  It keeps me stable, sane and hopeful and best of all trusting.  Trusting, that He is stacking the deck in my favor.
Trusting that new life can Spring forth just when I least expect it. 

Trusting that a simple falling and catching example will make a lasting heart memory for Mexicanjumpingbain and cousin A.

How's your deck stacking up today?


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adversariafeminina said...

I, too, am one who needs to be hit over the head to be reminded of His goodness! Those still, gentle whispers don't usually get my attention in the same way. :) But, I suppose that the point is to get the point by any means necessary...right?

Thanks for letting me share in your walk with Him.

In His Love,

Johnny said...

Oddly enough I went to a noon meeting today where someone said nearly the same thing about gratitude except that the analogy was (not surprisingly)from a from a bar instead of a card game. He said, "each night I'm grateful that I'm going quietly sane and each morning I ask God for another round of the same.

Adoption Mama said...

It really DOES matter what your perspective is, doesn't it?

A fellow juggler


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