Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Gratitude 2.0

Barely surviving the dark night of my soul a few years ago, I was blessed with a light bulb moment. If I could find things to be grateful for I felt better.  If I wrote them down they could be my own personal book of Psalms to look over when I was too low to come up with anything else to chronicle. It would be a record of all the miracles in my life - great and small - that I would otherwise forget.  If I kept looking for things to feel gratitude for, instead of focusing on the litany of disappointments I felt, my life was better overall.  I didn't know about any research.  The Happiness Project didn't exist then.  Even though those blogs are helpful, I was and continue to be my own guinea pig.  I still notice my mood is lighter and more playful on the days I make time to be grateful in the morning.   

I noticed I'm always asking the bains what they are thankful for, but not writing it down. I remedied that last week by purchasing the most basic moleskin I could find and starting our own family happiness project.  I can't stand the thought of missing the opportunity to remember:

That spring is on it's way - as evidenced by the blue sky you can just see above stringbain's bareback enthusiam.

 That pigs really are as cute in piglet form as Charlotte's Web suggests.

 That there are rainbows at the end of a lot of storms...

That the simple, sweet sight of a 12 year old writing a list for our family at the breakfast table is another entry for my personal journal...and it's changing us.

One line at a time. 
One day at a time. 
One blessing at a time. 

What are you grateful for today? 


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magsmcc said...

I'm grateful for other mummies of boys who have yet the grace and wisdom to be grateful- and who have blogs to record and share and so encourage! I'm grateful to be reading you tonight!

Sharlyn Guthrie said...

I"m thankful that all the dirt and grime, all the pulling hair and teeth, all the uncertainties and disappointments, all the sleep deprivation and middle of the night prayers for my young sons produced three young men strong in their faith, living lives pleasing to God. In those days I desired nothing more and nothing less. Today I am humbly grateful. God is good! I hope you are encouraged by this.

LaVonne said...

I really is good to have a thankful heart. Thanks for reminding me. Just stopping by from WFMW and wanted to say Hello! :)

Stop by and visit my blog anytime.


MinivanMama said...

I am thankful for my healthy, healthy kids. The reality of illness in children such as Layla Grace, Evan Thomason, Will Hodges and others has smacked me in the face this week. My house is messy, my clothes aren't cute, my body is far from ideal... but my sweet, precious, exhausting children are HEALTHY.

Jenny said...

I'm thankful for a lot :D

Em and Lib said...

Mags - thank you for reading - from so far away...

Sharlyn - yes it is encouraging to hear other mom-of-boys- success stories and answered prayers! thanks for sharing it!

LAvonne - Looking forward to checking out your blog!

Minivanmama - Healthy kids are on my personal list most days...there are so many angles on it, but the main one that's given me comfort in the last few years is that no amount of money could purchase Healthy kids.. And if that's the case - how many other things do I enjoy that are "free?!?"

imoomie said...

Hoping over from Chatting at the Sky to say "hey"!

I am grateful for the delightful sun beating down on me today!

Erica {let why lead} said...

Conducting the happiness project in our own homes is a wonderful idea! My boys are too little to write, but I would love to start talking about what we're thankful for over breakfast. Thanks!

Richella said...

I just love this post, Liberty. I find myself wondering if you're still using that Moleskine and how it's continuing to work with your boys after the passage of some time. We can all learn a lot from stopping to count our blessings, can't we?


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