Sunday, March 28, 2010

Baseball Saturday

::Warning: Slightly Snarky post::

Baseball season has officially started.  We are in the middle of a grueling practice schedule, partly due to storms and partly because there's no such thing as just having fun anymore.  You have to be part of a TEAM.  And that TEAM has to strive to be THE BEST.  What ever happened to doing your best and it being good enough?  Why do there have to be $30 per child batting clinics and gobs of gear and tons of stuff to haul around all in a supposed search for FUN?!  I have heard there are 12 year olds having surgery for the same elbow problem as major league pitchers.  Point me in the direction of the Sandlot - please.  

You may wonder why I sign them up at all if I take offense to a lot some modern day sports philosophy.  Because they absolutely capital L love it. Because I don't share my snarkiness with them, but use it instead to cheer them on as they bat:

I cannot even feel my snarky-bone as I watch mainbain join in, working on his pitching skills

And I will not allow my self to complain that the two and a half hour (!) practice gave me a lot of fun, uninterrupted time on the playground with butterbain. 

How insane would I be to not use the opportunity to prove my alien-mom-ness *once again* with a post-practice ice cream lunch

When I count my blessings, I will remember that miracles do happen, since stringbain and limabain ended up on the same TEAM.  As grueling as the practice schedule is, and whatever the game schedule ends up being, I will remember what pays off isn't noticing sports philosophy that's not my style, but how much more FUN it is to yell at umps and get thrown out of ball parks watch my boys do something they L.O.V.E.


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Anonymous said...

Baseball is America's pastime...something like that. I have a theory that all boys (and men) love baseball. The picture of an older Bain brother helping a little Bain brother is awesome. Too sweet.



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