Tuesday, February 9, 2010

This Week's Juggling Act

Each week we are going to share one of our current Juggling Acts.  We all have a lot of responsibilities.  Most of us work (some for actual money) as well as juggle kids, husbands, homework, Facebook, pets, dinner and, of course, laundry.  Inevitably a ball or two are going to be added and dropped now and then, but we find it's best to just pick them up and keep going.  If you have any juggling stories or tips on how you keep it all up in the air, please share them with us.

I'm not sure when Valentine's Day was elevated to uber-holiday status right behind Christmas, Thanksgiving and Halloween.  In addition to all normally required household tasks and 2 consecutive-all-4 kids-home-all-day Snow Days this week the boys' collective calendar includes:  4 school parties on 2 different days that require 4 red paper-wrapped cereal boxes, 80 personally addressed Valentines (+1 teacher-requested heartfelt note to the 4 year old), 40 juice boxes and a bag of pretzels.

What are you juggling?

Another day, another story,

1 comment:

Em and Lib said...

Perhaps we should start a revolution - AGAINST holidays being blown out of proportion.
great post!


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