Wednesday, February 24, 2010

This Week's Juggling Act 2-24-10

Ever feel like it is just bad news, tragedy or illness after another?  Is it because we are getting older?  Do we just know more people than we used to?

It is difficult lately to find the balance.  More difficult to simultaneously juggle the emotions of good news, accomplishments and the joy (albeit monotony) in the everyday with loved ones' cancer, a friend's anguish over her brother's murder and just garden variety disappointment.  Throw in the natural peaks and valleys under my own roof, and it is a lot to manage.

Despite the cliche, I try to notice the beauty - in the laundry, in the PB&Js, in coffee with friends, in my new nail polish...there is plenty if I open my eyes to it.  And simply showing up for friends who are jumping over life's inevitable hurdles, helps focus the light a little more keenly on what is most important.

How do you juggle life's ups and downs?
Em and Lib


Anonymous said...

I find good friends, some romance, and an insightful therapist keep me balanced. And also accepting that there are going to be completely crazy days.

Em and Lib said...



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