Monday, February 1, 2010

The Rollercoaster


I know it's not just boys... I am aware of people with girls who are completely aghast surprised by their off-spring

The DOWN part of my rollercoaster ride yesterday was when mexicanjumpingbain decided to cut his own hair.  Right before church. Obviously it's the haircut equivalent of a 7 year old self-portrait. 

While I'm grateful to announce I had several UP sections in my rollercoaster, the one that brought me to tears was listening stringbain and limabain singing in church.  I was standing next to them and stopped singing in order to hear their sweet pre-pubescent voices. Clear, innocent and most importantly present.

Those voices helped put the haircut in perspective.

The roller coaster continues...everyday.


Wen Thye said...


There is a reason why you named him the mexicanjumpingbain. It is only hair, could be a whole lot worst....


ellen sanders said...

Great pic! And so true of the marvelous fact that THEY are always doing their own thing and being wonderfully brilliant individuals!


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