Saturday, February 13, 2010

It's Just Another Day

It's not that I'm ANTI Valentine's Day.  I'm just not very festive.  I have my moments every now and then, but as far as the "minor" holidays, I'm just not that into it.  Halloween.  No costume.  St. Patrick's Day.  No green.  Valentine's Day.  No flowers or dinner plans or flowery card.

St. Joel is basically off the hook tomorrow.  But just in case any men out there who want to try this at home, it isn't quite that simple.  This equation works out to 5% my innate practicality and 95% his everyday extraordinariness.  He wasn't elevated to Saint for nothin'.

You see, I don't really "need" Valentine's Day because he:

  • takes me on dates all the time
  • compliments me when I look great 
  • generally overlooks the sweatpants, dark circles and gray hair
  • does his own laundry
  • doesn't consider taking care of our 4 kids "babysitting"
  • is the same no matter how good or how bad life gets
  • is really good at grocery shopping
  • tells me he loves me at the end of every phone call

Another day, another story,


Anonymous said...

I love this post. St. Joel rocks. Must meet this man. Great list!!!!
Love you. Happy Valentine's Day, friend.... anyway (even though you aren't that into it)

Em and Lib said...

AND THEN he got me a card, two bottles of nail polish and a stack of good magazines!


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