Friday, January 22, 2010

This boy

Mexicanjumpingbain's sparkly blue eyes captivated everyone, especially me, when he came out. Those eyes and that smile are responsible for getting me through some of the darkest days I've ever experienced.  No matter how bad I felt or how bleak everything seemed I knew there was reason to hope just looking at him.

There's no way to accurately describe a boy who made vacuum cleaner noises while nursing.  Even though the mastitis I contracted with him turned into an abcess, I couldn't bear to stop nursing him, and I'm not like that. 

He's mesmerized me since birth with his curiosity and fearlessness.  Every day is a new adventure for him beginning with breakfast.  As a 2 year old he would push a stool to the stove and insist on stirring whatever I was cooking.  His affair with cooking hasn't faded in the last five years...he can sit and read any food magazine for hours...carefully marking everything he wants us to make together.  

Our Fairy Godmother says he's the only one who is truly fearless.  She swears he'll grow up to be a stunt man.  He already kind of is one.  After our alternate reality trip this summer we came home to a broken freezer emitting the most repulsive smell ever.  He wasn't just willing, but giddy to crawl into the melted, green goo and bail it out.  While everyone else had handkerchiefs tied over their faces and clothes pins on their noses... he was whistling while he worked.

He has been and continues to be a lesson in joyfulness.  I can only hope he's rubbing off on me. 


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Jess said...

What a GREAT post Lib!!!


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