Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Still grossed out...after all these years

I was talking on the wall phone.*  Because I was standing still during my conversation, I was just staring at the floor and I noticed something.  It looked just like a black bean, which I thought odd.

Why would a black bean be there, so far away from the table?

I kept on chatting, reached down and picked up the black bean.

As soon as I touched it, I knew it wasn't a black bean.  I still didn't realize what it was...I just knew it wasn't a black bean.

Perhaps a refried black bean, I thought.

I'm was chatting away as I sniffed the "bean."  


Realizing that the bean belonged in a toilet, the chat ended immediately as I could no longer form coherent words.

I'm sure there are some things you should never get used to.  Touching poop is sitting at the top of the list!

Still cringing, 

*Yes we still have a wall phone.  It's so convenient when the phone is ringing off the wall and no portable in sight. Try it. 


April said...

If we had a land line, we'd have a wall phone.

On the black bean, totally gross, but it happens pretty frequently around here with 2 in diapers and one of them "kind of" potty training. YUCK!

Em and Lib said...

April - for the record..it wasn't one of my boys.

kelligeminn said...

we have a wall phone ... for 911 calls only...everybody in the house had a cellphone surgically attached to them!!

Anonymous said...

Very good Lib. Of course if it was me, I'd have tasted it to see what it was, as I am wont to do. Bad habit. Johnny

Anonymous said...

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