Friday, January 29, 2010

A smile

I do my best to keep a journal of some of the funny things the bains say.  I troll through this from time to time for a laugh or a smile or to remember that they were little not too long ago or in an attempt to pull myself out of a seasonal funk.

One of stringbain's greatest resulted from reading Jeff Foxworthy (don't ask!) and retelling it at the breakfast table.  He thought you might be a redneck if you're named after the car you were conceived in was a great one.  Knowing he didn't have a clue (he was 10 at the time) the mainbain asked if he knew what conceived meant.  Without missing a beat, stringbain said  "Yeah, it's the car you drove to the hospital in to have the baby!"

Sweet, smiling innocence!


1 comment:

'Becca said...

Hee hee! This reminds me of a friend who told his 11-year-old son a riddle: "What do you call a one-legged woman?" The answer is "Eileen" (sounds like "I lean.") but his son said, "A prostitute." Dad was astonished and asked if he knew what a prostitute was. "Yeah, it's a lady who pretends to be your date for a lot of money." "That's right, but what does it have to do with having one leg?!" "I don't know...I heard it somewhere..." Days later, the dad heard someone say "prosthetic" and suddenly realized his son had mixed up those words!


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