Sunday, January 10, 2010

Four years old: the turning point

In an effort to change things up a bit I'm wishing Butterbain Happy Birthday 2 weeks after the fact. 
I'm fully aware at this stage in the game that I don't have any babies left.  He made that perfectly clear on his birthday, when he told me he looked "just like the outlaw Josey Wales" in this cowboy outfit.  I've never doubted his originality, but that comment sealed it.  I'm fairly certain there aren't a lot of 4 year old's who have even heard of Clint Eastwood, much less known any of his characters so well they could "be" them.  And yes, I know Clint Eastwood films are not a number one pick for young children. It's just what happens when you're the youngest of 4 boys.

Whether he's an outlaw or not - I know this year will be a turning point.  Four is real big boy territory.  Four is when you stop getting in bed with Mamma and Daddy in the middle of the night - at least that's historically the case in our family.  Four is when you learn to buckle yourself into your own booster seat, and go to the bathroom alone.  (No more, "MOM, I'm DONE!") Four means getting dressed to the shoes all by yourself and going to the barn alone.  There are a lot of other milestones that will be crossed this year, but as the youngest he'll still have more leeway than the rest of them.  He can still convince me to read the book one more time in an effort to stay up a bit later.  He'll be able to give me his little smirk and escape unscathed from peccadillos, and he'll con a lot out of me because of his whole-hearted hugs.
There's a lotta up-side to being the youngest of 4 boys.
Happy Birthday Butterbain, I'm sure this year will be your greatest yet!



Anonymous said...

Bless his little heart. Happy Birthday, Butterbain!!! He's a cutie. I love the Clint Eastwood bit. You gotta love boys that wear cowboy boots!

April said...

Maaaaaan. I feel a little less innocent every time I watch Josey Wales, and I am 25. Still, your kids are so cool!


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