Monday, November 30, 2009

Polar Opposite

The Bain Boys might be jealous.

But I bet their Mama won't.

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Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Good and The Bad

The Good News:  We decorated our Christmas tree today.

The Not so Good News:  Number 4 needed a trip to minor med and medicine disguised as a purple dinosaur to breathe normally today.

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

4 Blessings

Not being taken for granted today!
Happy Thanksgiving!
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Monday, November 23, 2009

Something Right

We must be doing something right, if both Number 1 and Number 2 told
me similar stories after school about their friends who are moving
away. Today was their friends', two brothers, last day at the school.

Number 1 said he hugged his friend goodbye because he made "me feel
welcome when I started at this school 2 years ago."

Number 2 said he was really going to miss his friend and gave him "a
big hug goodbye."

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mexcianjumpingbain: THE LIST

What other list exists for a 6 year old this time of year?  Christmas, of course.

Nerf Dart Tag
Boxing gloves
King size Snikers bars
Fake cash register
a REAL fake mustache (it actually says this)
a wig (scary)
GI Joe movie
Night vision goggles (Santa didn't deliver last year)
Razor scooter that makes sparks
Fake Fruit (my favorite, obviously!)

I'm keeping this one on my desk for comic relief!

One way or another, it stuck!

This morning in History class we were talking about some of the differences between Islam, Christianity and Judaism.  Some of the feedback was interesting, but nobody had a comment quite like limabain.

I asked what were some of the things the Bible says Jesus did that were like a super hero.

Cousin E said Jesus helped a blind guy see again. 
Stringbain said he healed a deaf and mute guy.

Limabain then said, "He gave a guy a wet willy and then the guy could hear again!"

His perspective might be comical that of a 10 year old boy, but he is remembering the a way.


Friday, November 20, 2009

It's just life

Things you never thought you'd hear come out of your child's mouth: "Remember when you said I could have my picture taken with the snowman?" butter bain asked. It was just a random Thursday night headed to Kroger for things that aren't necessary for regular life. Such as Horizon Chocolate milk...found on sale (makes me happy) and makes yummy instant hot chocolate for them and instant mocha for me.

I thought he'd forget about it after chocolate milk mollification, but I underestimated his memory bank. As soon as we walked out, he told me to get out my camera and started licking the snowman's candy cane posing for a shot. No to be one-upped, mexicanjumpingbain began licking the candy cane next. Hard to even type that, but it's true and Really Disgusting. I tried not to gag, remembering that a few germs won't hurt, but encouraged them to stop licking by hoisting them onto the stack of firewood for a more traditional pose.

Just random. But it's life. All those little random moments add up to a lifetime of memories. I was always in such a hurry with stringbain and limabain I would have come up with an excuse why we couldn't slow down/enjoy the moment/do this semi-crazy thing if they'd asked for a picture with the snowman. Not anymore. The blur of years 1-6 of mothering have mellowed me - hopefully for the better - and iI've got time now. Time for all the crazy pictures they want.


Monday, November 16, 2009


Every family goes though's our wedding season. In four months we will attend 4 weddings with at least one of us actually participating in each of the services.  Last Saturday night, it was the mainbain's daughter's turn. 

 I was always shy and intimidated by unknown situations as a child, so butterbain's precociousness is a sight for me to behold and encourage. 

Being the baby and having no qualms about speaking his mind in order to get his way, butterbain marched right up to his sister and soon to be brother-in-law to be 4 weeks ago and boldly asked to be their ringbearer.    Let's just say he doesn't get told no a lot...he really is sweet and kind and thoughtful, which I'm sure was the actual reason his sister and soon-to-be brother-in-law said yes his ring-bearing.  It couldn't have been his cute face, could it?

Self-confident as always, he didn't flinch that there was no flower girl and he had to walk down the aisle alone.  He just smiled his signature smile and strutted up the aisle as if we were all there to watch him instead of the bride.  I'm convinced he absolutely loved the attention...even Em will vouch for me!

Once the service was over, he entertained everyone at the reception with his superior dance moves, which were a cross between Elvis, the Blues Brothers and Madonna's Vogue video..complete with the freeze frame action.  No idea where he picked it up his dancing tricks, but they worked for him!

Already looking forward to the next one...these weddings are becoming addictive!


Long Winter's Night

Since Halloween, I've been enjoying the "extra" hour of sleep every night and waking up to birdsong instead of moonlight.  However, I'm running out of ideas on how to entertain 4 energetic bains in between supper and bedtime.  I just can't stand to use the tv as a constant cop-out on "spending time together." 

Butterbain entertains himself by pretending his trike is a motorcycle (with flames) which he revs up and zooms around the house.  Oh, and he has to wear his "motorcycle shirt" which is an old t-shirt I was forced into cutting the sleeves off of.   Again with the compromise: he get's to wear it around the house and farm, but never off of our property. 

The bigbains are creative's the game they made up last week.

 It's called something like drag-your-brother-and-cousin-on-your-legs-around-the-house-til-you-collapse-and-get-to-swap-places.  I'm so obviously cooler in their minds than in real life, because they actually thought I would participate, and I don't mean just timing them.  They thought I'd be on the floor.  Subjecting myself to the same brutality they think is

No matter how long the winter is, no matter how short the days are,  I am just going to have to draw the line at being dragged around the house.  Being 4 boys' mamma is fun, full of surprises and all about the you-won't believe-the new-level-I've sunk-to moments, but I'm just not that crazy!


Saturday, November 14, 2009

Happy Birthday, Uncle B

Happy Birthday to Uncle B who:

Taught my boys to say "Duuuuu-da" instead of the more common, "Dude"

Named one of our teddy bears, "Funky Winklestein"

Doesn't act a day over 21

Broadens the boys vocabulary, in SO many ways, during every visit

And always keeps us laughing!


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Friday, November 13, 2009


Butterbain was crushed when he found out he didn't get to wear his tuxedo to the rehearsal dinner tonight.
So we're off, with an almost-4-year old and his fashion statement. Brown cords and shiny black shoes?
Perhaps it will be a new trend...

You gotta give a little!
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Thursday, November 12, 2009

A 4, 8 and 10 year old walk into a bar...

OK, actually it was an ice cream shop.

The 8 year old goes up to the counter and orders a cup of water from
the pretty teenage girl. He returns to the table without the $5 he
left with.

His answer to the puzzled looks, "The water was free. I tipped her
five bucks!"

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Funny is funny...

...even if it happens to be at the gastroenterologist's office between
school drop-offs and pick-ups for a colonoscopy (family history=early

First things first. The transport guy, my newest BFF, witnessed me
ordering St. Joel to "Shut up!" in the elevator after he tried to
reassure me that, "It will all be over in a couple hours."

I was quite insecure in my backless gown in front of the medical tech,
aka "Cute Little Boy", my drug induced name for him. The nurses told
me (I asked) he was 28. Looked not a day over 19. More tennis pro than
medical pro.

I had serious doubts about "Chris Kattan", the nurse anesthetist (is
that even a real word?) until he put propofol into my IV. Just
chatting away, then my eyes went completely black. Asleep in a matter
of seconds. A certain pop star might have been onto something, in
theory. A diluted pill version would be genius.

By St. Joel's account, waking up from the miracle drug was full of
memorable moments. My first audible words, "Michael Jackson." Then
of course, I said to my doctor, "Tell me I'm beautiful." Doesn't
everyone? The post-show wrapped with the doctor describing my
"Unusually curvy colon."

The best part, when someone asked, "Why are you all gathered in
here?" My team explained, "She's entertaining!"

All in all everything went well. It was not nearly as bad as I had
imagined. And maybe, just maybe, I livened up an otherwise typical
Tuesday at the office.

Another day, another story,

True love

After a seemingly endless workday yesterday, the mainbain took one look at me and said, "Why don't I take care of the boys tonight while you relax in the tub and then get in bed?"
One hour and one bath(complete with face mask) later, I was off to sleepy town by 8:30....a dream come true!

Amazing how new the world looks after 10 straight hours of sleep. Now I know why the bains have so much energy in the morning....

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Monday, November 9, 2009


You have four kids
You just might
Hire a babysitter
On your 13th wedding anniversary
To go to a science fair meeting
And not be all that bitter about it.

Happy Anniversary, St. Joel (who took Number 1 to basketball practice

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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Foolproof Bedtime Routine II

Hmmm...I think we might be onto something.

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Friday, November 6, 2009

Field Observation

Two bags from Chik Fil A for a picnic at the park.

Eating home-brought food including carrots from a picnic basket while
passing out Popsicle stick pilgrims and turkeys labeled with sight
words. AND they had a big box of Band-Aids.

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Truth

Cancer sucks.

Too many people we love are enduring the unendurable.

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Monday, November 2, 2009

Foolproof Bedtime Solution

Let the kids fall where they may.

Another day, another story,

A Hallowed haul

Tired of expensive and inappropriate Halloween costumes we decided to be a family of fun-loving skeletons this year. I am not crafty, but found the instructions on the internet. I had not only my determination, but that of all the bains who love projects on my side. It was surprisingly easy and we actually had fun doing it, i.e. there wasn't much yelling. Net result below:

Limabain had already bagged some of his candy when I took the picture, but had it all organized by category and type. "Look Mom, 10 packs of whoppers, 8 baby ruths, 12 skittles"...and on and on.
Who knows, he might just grown up to be a bean, er...bain, counter!

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