Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New "Normal"

We have been living in an alternate universe for what seems like an

For a couple weeks, asthma-related issues and an ultra-sensitive gag
reflex have been causing Number 3 to throw up pretty much every time
he coughs more than 2 times. The math equals way more times a day
than anyone could imagine. (Only the truth here, friends. And
sometimes the truth ain't pretty).

At first, I have to admit it was upsetting, to us and to him. As time
has gone on, it is now just another quirk in our daily life.

Onlookers stare. Well, they stare anyway. Friends are shocked. Some
even like to share that "my 10 year old has only thrown up 3 times in
his whole life." Are you kidding me!?!? That's a Monday morning
before 9 at our house!

This "new normal" has changed our perception of outings.

"How was lunch out with the family?"

"Great! Number 3 only threw up once!"

Hoping he gets over it soon with the right combination of medicine,
but until then, we travel armed with lots of paper towels and patience.

Another day, another story,

1 comment:

April said...

That's so sad! I feel really sorry for you Em. My middle kid, Simon, had this terrible habit of spitting up constantly from the time he was born until he was well over 1 year old. I thought THAT was bad. I mean, I even carried an extra outfit for ME in the car in addition to his THREE extra outfits. I was so glad when he outgrew that! I hope that your "Number 3" outgrows his soon!


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