Monday, November 16, 2009


Every family goes though's our wedding season. In four months we will attend 4 weddings with at least one of us actually participating in each of the services.  Last Saturday night, it was the mainbain's daughter's turn. 

 I was always shy and intimidated by unknown situations as a child, so butterbain's precociousness is a sight for me to behold and encourage. 

Being the baby and having no qualms about speaking his mind in order to get his way, butterbain marched right up to his sister and soon to be brother-in-law to be 4 weeks ago and boldly asked to be their ringbearer.    Let's just say he doesn't get told no a lot...he really is sweet and kind and thoughtful, which I'm sure was the actual reason his sister and soon-to-be brother-in-law said yes his ring-bearing.  It couldn't have been his cute face, could it?

Self-confident as always, he didn't flinch that there was no flower girl and he had to walk down the aisle alone.  He just smiled his signature smile and strutted up the aisle as if we were all there to watch him instead of the bride.  I'm convinced he absolutely loved the attention...even Em will vouch for me!

Once the service was over, he entertained everyone at the reception with his superior dance moves, which were a cross between Elvis, the Blues Brothers and Madonna's Vogue video..complete with the freeze frame action.  No idea where he picked it up his dancing tricks, but they worked for him!

Already looking forward to the next one...these weddings are becoming addictive!



April said...

I LOVE weddings and they are by far my favorite part of my job, getting to go to 6 or so a year...and you know, be PAID to be there. Anyway, Rachel looks so beautiful in her wedding gown! And Butterbain as darling as always in his tux!

123 123 said...
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