Friday, November 20, 2009

It's just life

Things you never thought you'd hear come out of your child's mouth: "Remember when you said I could have my picture taken with the snowman?" butter bain asked. It was just a random Thursday night headed to Kroger for things that aren't necessary for regular life. Such as Horizon Chocolate milk...found on sale (makes me happy) and makes yummy instant hot chocolate for them and instant mocha for me.

I thought he'd forget about it after chocolate milk mollification, but I underestimated his memory bank. As soon as we walked out, he told me to get out my camera and started licking the snowman's candy cane posing for a shot. No to be one-upped, mexicanjumpingbain began licking the candy cane next. Hard to even type that, but it's true and Really Disgusting. I tried not to gag, remembering that a few germs won't hurt, but encouraged them to stop licking by hoisting them onto the stack of firewood for a more traditional pose.

Just random. But it's life. All those little random moments add up to a lifetime of memories. I was always in such a hurry with stringbain and limabain I would have come up with an excuse why we couldn't slow down/enjoy the moment/do this semi-crazy thing if they'd asked for a picture with the snowman. Not anymore. The blur of years 1-6 of mothering have mellowed me - hopefully for the better - and iI've got time now. Time for all the crazy pictures they want.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I love those kind of pictures! Love the ginormous snowman! Maybe you should take him home? :)


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