Friday, October 2, 2009

Official Product Testing

I read about this wine packaged in a mini-barrel in a magazine and
thought it sounded right up my alley: 20 five ounce glasses of Red
Truck red wine that stays fresh for 40 days for less than $30. Since
I'm the only person who drinks wine around here, it's a perfect

I happened upon it today in the liquor store next to Costco where I
was going with Numbers 3 and 4 to buy diapers (and $100 worth of
snacks we really didn't need). Which explains why I need a barrel of
red wine in the first place.

Someone had to do it, so I am selflessly conducting official product
testing. It tastes good. In my expert-mother-of four-boys-non-wine-
snob opinion, really good. As good as any other economical priced wine
I've had. I think it would be great for a party, girls' get together
like Bunco or even as a gift.

The real test will be if I can make it last for 40 days.

Another day, another story,


Em and Lib said...

Tailgate genius!!!

Sonny said...

That is so big of you, taking one for the team and product testing this on your own. I would say share, but that might dilute the findings.

(I've just made a mental note to go scope this out and see if I can find it somewhere in Miami tomorrow...)

Susan said...

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who takes small children to the liquor store!

MissyP said...

Hear Hear! I just bought my first 4-pack of wine singles Wednesday. 'Tis genius. I will have to check this mini barrel out....

Kim said...

Wine in a barrel? Who woulda thunk it? I love it! You've opened a new door for me, my friend. I think I'll invest in this product based on your rec!

BTW, the Mommies, Esquire are official fans of this blog!!!!!

Alex said...

Hi Emily! Send us your mailing address so we can send you a Red Truck beannie. Thanks again for the great/funny blog and window into your world.


Red Truck Wine

Em and Lib said...

Alas, I pour my last glass from the Red Truck barrel almost exactly 1 month later. It is my professional conclusion that the length of time this barrel lasts varies depending on mood, stress and other extenuating circumstances.


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