Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Just Another Wednesday

In a split second, a simple (who am I kidding nothing is actually
simple if you choose to leave the house with a 2 and 4 year old?)
weekday trip to the grocery store can turn into a slow-motion-holy-
crap-the-baby-is-going-to-fall-off-the-end-of-the-grocery cart-ER-CT
scan-flashing before your eyes moment.

I was right there. Already taking the 3 steps to the end of the cart
to prevent the face plant from happening. He turned. And fell face
first on that cold, hard grocery floor. A THUD so loud, the meat
counter lady came running.

I'm not prone to panic, but my heart was racing. My stomach churning.
His tears subsided pretty quickly while his cheek turned purple. As we
checked out, I tried to hold frozen corn to his face and keep Number 3
from shoplifting candy. On the way home, he could hardly keep his
eyes open. Was he just sleepy or was it a concussion?!?! I called the
doctor's office (they know us quite well). Watch for confusion. OK.
Watch for vomiting. OK.

Mom's peace of mind test - the scooter. By the looks of him cruising
up and down the sidewalk, I think he is just fine. Except for the

Another day, another story,


Liberty said...

Tucker did this when I was in the throws of Part Partum mayhem...on our first grocery store with 2 kids adventure. It does happen in slow mo...Glad he's okay. Hope you are okay too!

Anonymous said...

ooooh, I've had this happen. I had George strapped in the cart at Hobby Lobby (known for their very tiny carts). Jack tried to be "helpful" and put some things in the cart...when it turned over on its side...with George still strapped in the cart. We rushed to the ER. George's bottom two front teeth had gone through his lip. We had to get George's lip "glued" shut. Jack felt awful. I panicked. The ER doc said that she sees a ton of "grocery cart" accidents. Hmmmmmm. Maybe I'm missing the boat by not going back into the practice of law and specializing in "grocery cart litigation?" lol

thegypsymama said...

OUCH - that's SUPER scary. I have a four year old and two year old as well - and the younger brother has more lives than a cat! I can't believe the things that kid gets up to. I feel your pain!

April said...

Yep, happens to the best of them! I hope both baby and mama are over the shakiness. When my oldest was about 20 months old, she was walking down our front porch steps, which were rather steep and narrow, and I had a glass of wine in my right hand. As she started to fall, I was always one step to far to catch her arm. It was one of those "hello cute face, meet hard concrete!" moments. Awful, but luckily I never dropped or even spilled my wine.Weird. Anyway, my legs were like jelly for a good 2 hours afterward.


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