Thursday, October 15, 2009

Happy Birthday, biggest!

Stringbain will always be my first, my favorite (they all are), my measuring stick for the other boys and other people's kids.

At 12 he's becoming a young man who'd make any mama proud. When the timer beeps, he stops watching a movie to check the oven contents and turns it off. When his younger brothers are hurt, he often comforts them before I can get there. He's developing a sense of style that's authentic, if nothing else. He's well mannered and well spoken. He can clean a kitchen and start a load of laundry - although he rarely chooses to do these things without being asked.

To top it all off he's cute!
Of course I would say that, he looks like me....



April said...

Happy Birthday Tucker! You should be proud of him Lib, he is a great kid!

guitarwife97 said...

Definitely cute. :) Happy Birthday, Tucker!


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