Monday, October 5, 2009

Fall Fun: Fair style!

Just a few snaps from our trip last Friday afternoon. It's a sweet, small-town deal, on grass with all the necessary rides, but not all spread out so you have to walk for miles just to get to the next one. All the kiddie rides are arranged in one section and the big kid rides in the other. Don't worry there was lots of fair food in between.

Butterbain LOVED the motorcyles!

Mexicanjumpingbain was so excited that he could go on some big kid rides!

Sweet cousin A sharing while mjb waited on his funnel cake.

After all the riding lima was parched and desperate for sustenance, fair style!

Stringbain had to ride the mechanical bull. He stayed on for about a minute. Totally worth watching, even if he wasn't yours!

It was fun, and without the Fairy Godmother I couldn't have pulled it off, sans mainbain. I consider myself an athlete, but after 6 hours of standing up, I was done. In an effort to sit, we mosey-d on over the the arena to watch the tractor pull. Highly recommend if you have boys. Loud and smoky with tractors that pop wheelies. Boy-heaven. Every day can't be boy heaven - they have to learn to read, after all - but every once in a while life hands you a fair.

Sore legs and all - I'd do it another 360 days.


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