Saturday, October 3, 2009

A dog with no name

This is a first.
I brought him home 2 nights ago from Memphis, and he's a keeper because he travels well. And he's cute, soft and sweet.
One teeny-tiny problem, though. We can't come up with a name. A few off of our ever-growing-possible-name list:
Gryphon, Titan, Horace, Morty, Carl (?), Otis, Shadow, Mudball and my favorite...Bishop.
What's your vote?

UPDATE 10/5:
Stringbain came and announced that "he" a GIRL!!!
It was a simple mixup when I loaded him up the other night. I can assure you that I KNOW the difference and how to check it out. I was outnumbered, okay? 3 puppies, one Lib. Not a huge surprise, but I still REALLY wanted the boy...much lower vet bills, short term anyway.
we had *almost* decided on a name...Cash, the dog in black. Compliments of St. Joel. I think the name works for a girl, too - right?


Collin said...

We went through the same process a few months back with our new Great Pyrenees. Amazing how much trouble a good dog name can be. (We ended up stuck on Bailey.)

He looks like a black-robed Bishop to me.

I've always wanted to name a dog Sit or Stay. Plus there's always Ooops or Uh-Oh.

Miss y'all.

Sorina said...

I like Bishop. Although Horace could be entertaining as well. :)

Nicholas said...

"Cash" works for a girl...they sure can spend it!


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