Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Alternate Reality

We left on Saturday and arrived at our private island paradise on Sunday afternoon. When I say we I mean the whole.entire.family. The last time we were together in such a horde for vacation was before any in-laws or kids.

It took us about 5 minutes to unload all the gear and get changed and out to the beach. No need to beg the boys to help get all their stuff unpacked - they were ready for the waves!

I am always thankful for adventurous boys who jump right in. Literally.

And for boys who know how to utilize a game room and are happy in their new alternate reality.

Since it's only 6 miles long, you just take golf carts everywhere. Including late night crab searches.

About a minute after this pic was taken stringbain stripped his boxers off in order catch the crab. It worked until we got it back and the poor thing was so scared it went into attack mode. Not in the mood for the possibility of injury, we released crab from his boxer jail.

We did enjoy some his relatives for our birthday I supper the next night, though.

Since we are smack in the middle of "birthday season" the mainbain and I got to celebrate together! Yep, we have the same birthday, just several years apart....

But we didn't just party the whole time..we had work to do! And just the excavatators to do it! I think just about everybody in the family took a turn at constructing this sand fortress.

Have you had the pleasure of skim boarding? Harder than it looks I'll admit!

Speaking of hard, have you ever tried feeding an oyster to a three-year-old? Harder than skim boarding, no doubt!

Thanks to some unexpected rain, we got to "take a break" from the beach and go see the lighthouse on Hunting Island. We called it our history lesson for the week.

After the rain, we did make it back out to the grand strand for a family picture. That's everybody and yes, the house was big enough to accomodate us all.

I will admit I was a bit depressed leaving such a perfect place. After looking forward to the trip for 4 1/2 months, a week just was not long enough. Once home, I attempted to regain my beach-groove with the fairy-god-mother and a glass of wine on the front porch. I looked through the storm to see this perfect rainbow, which looks like it rests on our house.

I took it as proof that regular life is filled with promises of good things to come.


** The whole family pictures is missing one of my brothers and his wife and 2 more boys. They couldn't make it this trip...but hopefully next time!


April said...

Great post Liberty! I am so thankful that ya'll had a great time and are home safe now! Love you all!

Sorina said...

Looks wonderful! Alternate reality, even for a week, is nice to enjoy. :)

sandiflippo said...

Really enjoyed your beach pics of the WHOLE family. I'm the mommy of 8, so it'll be so fun to see our WHOLE gang-a-roo one day!!! (Got your blog address off of a fb photo comment by my friend Lori R.)

Em and Lib said...

Glad y'all enjoyed the post...and Sandi there are only 5 out of 7 original sibs that made it to the beach. We have one AWOL in CO and one who couldn't make it...I updated the blog post

Anonymous said...

Hi! I met Em @ the Storytime in Collierville today and struck up a short conversation. Love your blog! This is too surreal. My husband and I go to Fripp every year! We love it. My best friend and I also have a blog together: mommyesquire.com Too cool, ladies!

Cooter Brown said...

Looks lik y'all had a reel nice time! I saws yer fatha las Monday in Columbia, SC an' hee seemed t' be a havib' a gud time wit da familie! God bless ye!
A Friend in SC,
C. Brown

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Franklin and Susan; what a beautiful family you have! You have been richly blessed. Thanks for all you are doing for so many of us out here. Dan in Toledo.


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