Monday, August 24, 2009

No more hush little baby...

12 years ago this month, the mainbain and I spent an entire Saturday evening putting this crib together.
Yesterday we spent about an hour taking it apart to donate to our church nursery. So it's official. No. More. Babies.

It's not that I want another one, I feel like I just became proficient at being a baby-mama and now it's over.
I don't feel sad that it's over, just determined to enjoy every minute of this next phase of mothering.



Anonymous said...

This made me cry! We just moved Ryan out of the carrier car seat and dropped the crib to the lowest level. Steve commented how it's the last time on each of these occasions. I lost it both times. Add the start of Kindergarten for Hannah and it has been an emotional week.- M. Schafer

Em and Lib said...

Mary -
did not know you read the blog! that's a smile on my face this morning!!

It's just the quickness of it all. I feel like it's all happening in a blur and I can't stand it! For so long I wanted them to hurry up and grow up and not NEED me so much (see "another last-first" post) and now I feel like putting bricks on their heads! Trying to squeeze the joy out of every minute...and that is challenging at times!
Love you!lib


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