Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New balls

I am a victim. A marketing victim, that is! I consider myself a trail blazer, and always want to be the one to share a new discovery with friends. Ask anyone, they will tell you whether it’s a hairdresser or a vitamin I am all about you reaping the same benefits I am.

So, we put ads on our blog. Haven’t made anything, but it’s interesting to see what the “crawler” thinks people will click on from the topics we write about. From time to time I will click the ones that I find interesting…but draw the line at the personalized beach ball ads.

I happened to click one about a month ago that said “Laundry Balls…never buy detergent again!” What mom-of-4-boys could resist such a claim? Not this victim, that’s for sure.

So I go to the site and click around and read the testimonials…and after doing all the research I decided to Click.The.Purchase.Button. I felt so silly sitting there, knowing it was ad that had sucked me in from my own site. I’ll admit it’s better than being a victim at the BMW dealership…already made that mistake!

They arrived about a week later. I show them to mainbain and he’s incredulous. I attempt to share my newly-acquired-laundry-ball-expertise with him. Hard to explain how you can never need dryer sheets again, how it’s going to save tons of money using less dryer time and we won’t have to buy detergent for about 3 years. But he agreed it was worth a try.

We are now 4 weeks in using the new balls. We still use pre-wash from time to time, but are impressed with how much time is saved not having to even think about detergent and dryer sheets. And the drying time…down by at least a third.

I’m impressed and hope the next time that ad pops up, you’ll click it and do your own research…maybe you’ll become a happy victim too!


Disclaimer: this is NOT a paid advertisement :)


Suburban Turmoil said...

Well, I have to admit, that's fascinating! Imagine a product from one of those ads ACTUALLY WORKING! I'm intrigues. :)

Liberty said...

yep - even the Fairy Godmother bought some and LOVES them. You just never know...


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