Saturday, July 4, 2009

The one where they blow up a snake egg...and I assist!

Y'all may not believe fairy god mothers exist, but I have been blessed with one. She's a neighbor who has become part of our family, and as a result we help each other.

This morning we helped her family pick potatoes and got a huge bucket of fresh produce as a gift. The boys like green beans and potato salad, but I'm positive they enjoyed the snake egg R found more.

It is the Fourth of July after all, what else would their minds naturally go to, except blowing it up. Truth be told, they first asked if we could incubate it and hatch it as a pet....pretty sure you can imagine my vehement "NO!" to that particular request.

So, we brought the little leathery thing home and they were so fired up about exploding it I had to get in on the deal. They wanted to just set it on the ground and light 2 fire crackers underneath it, but I thought we could make a snake egg bomb out of it. So, after scotch taping 7 fire crackers around it we were set.

We lit as many as we could and backed away.

Totally. Disgusting.

I still can't believe this is what being the mom of 4 boys is all about. But it is and there are A LOT of good/questionable memories being made as a result....

As my grandmother would say, "Horrors!"


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