Thursday, July 16, 2009

Indian update

Last week it was mohawks, this week - sleeping outside and having a bonfire. Please notice the way they constructed the 2 room tent out of 2 tents. Their idea and so, so clever - they even dug through the attic to find that tunnel that's been stored away for who knows how long.

Since they've attempted the front yard camp out before, but always ended up inside around midnight, I think this is a sure sign of mid-childhood maturity. Stringbain said sincerely the morning after, "That's the best night of sleep I've ever gotten in a tent." Missing the irony, of course, that it's the ONLY full night of sleep he's ever had in a tent.

(Which is sad, I mean he is 11. If I were a better parent, wouldn't I have taken or at the very least arranged for him to go camping? overnight? in a state park? with other guys? I think that's what boy scouts do...It's just not something I ever think of. I so want to want to be a camper. It's just that living on a farm in the middle of nowhere with 4 boys is Except I have a washing machine, inside plumbing and a bed. That's the crucial part. The Bed. Because things can go from 0 to cranky in about 60 seconds if I don't get enough, quality sleep.)

Anywho, back to the indians...if they try to skin one of our cows and attempt real-deal-tee-pee construction - I'll have draw the line. Because while I want them to be self-sufficient, I don't want to worry about getting scalped!



Em and Lib said...

Camp Top O The World sounds good to me. When do I drop my campers off?

Mrs. White said...

did you ever read Lord of the Flies?


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