Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Lucky Kind

I think cancer was a gift. Maybe that's easy for me to say because mine was the "lucky" kind. One surgery to remove the tumor on my tongue followed by checkups and CT scans every few months (600 miles from home). Serious, but nothing really, compared to what so many people - friends, family and strangers - are going through every single day. I didn't lose my hair. I didn't lose my ability to talk or swallow. Mine was a journey not a battle.

I thought I knew 2 years ago what was truly important. I was grateful for my blessings: my husband, my boys, my health, my family and friends. I enjoyed life more than I complained about it. I took opportunities and even some chances. I didn't need cancer to teach me to appreciate my life. But that's exactly what it did. I guess cliches become cliches because they're true.

I Know
Yes, I know it is all different.
Now, I know what is important.
I know who I love.
I know who loves me.
I know what I truly have.
I know it can all be gone in a moment.
I know every moment matters.
I couldn't know if it had never changed.

Another day, another story,
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1 comment:

Liberty said...

Tears...of gratitude and happiness and general overwhelmed-ness.


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