Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The iTalk

St. Joel and I both got iPhones for our birthdays recently from his very generous parents. I am trying to get used to the touchscreen and haven't begun to scratch the surface of all the tricks this fancy thing can do. Number 1 can't keep his hands off them. He instinctively knows how to work 90% of all the bells and whistles.

We have downloaded lots of "apps"-for the novices like me, apps are programs created specifically for the iPhone. There are apps for everything from calculating a tip to finding the weather in Costa Rica. You can listen to a radio station in LA or read the entire Bible if you have the right app. St. Joel has one that gives you a random trivia fact each time you shake his phone. "The MGM Grand in Las Vegas washes 15,000 pillowcases per day." "Snails can sleep up to 3 years at a time." "Most lipstick contains fish scales." "25% of a human's bones are in the foot."

It was bound to happen. Number 1 shakes the phone. Up comes a fact. "In Japan, condoms are commonly sold 'door to door'."

"Mom, what's a condom?"

If only there was an app for that.

Another day, another story,


ellen sanders said...

Get the "around Me" app. You'll love it and, I think its FREEEE!

Anonymous said...

Its official...my husband thinks I'm crazy. I am reading your blog...laughing out loud!!

Anonymous said...

ok..so i dont have any account to use to post comments so anonymous is..kelli geminn! Thanks for the laughs Emily!


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