Monday, April 27, 2009

The Power of YES!

If you've seen Jim Carey's recent movie Yes Man, you know he undergoes a metamorphosis from a guy whose answer to everything is "no!" to one who says yes.

I channelled the power of yes at the Main Street Festival in Franklin this past Saturday. All the big bains are still in New Mexico with their grandparents, and the Mainbain had other plans. So I put butterbain in the car and headed up to meet my sister. It took a few booths for the power of yes to sink in , but by the end of the day, I had it down pat. In the first booth he wanted a tomahawk...well, YES, you can have it, it's only 5 bucks.

Then he wanted some sweet tea: sugar and caffeine, YES! When he saw his cousin's sword and shield he had to have one of those too. Not a problem, YES! Could he have some popcorn - the answer...YES! Seriously, I haven't had so much fun with one word in a single day in forever! Will I have a beer in the middle of the day...oh wait that was me, but you guessed the answer...YES! Probably since stringbain was about 3, so that's 9 years. Of course I didn't have the perspective with string that I have with butter, so that made it all the sweeter.

Usually, with 4 kids in tow there's no way I can say yes to every body's request. It's not possible to be in 4 different booths at the same time, carrying 4 bags of popcorn and 4 sweet teas, not to mention a wallet stuffed with the necessary cash to BUY.MORE.STUFF. I love having a big family, I love all of my bains, but truly appreciated a break from my usual reality for this event.

At the end of the day, the few of us there could actually fit around a table at McCreary's Irish Pub and talk and drink and people watch.

The reward for all my yes-action came in the restroom before we left. Butterbain caught me checking my reflection and how much sun I'd gotten during the day and crowned me with, "You are so pretty, Mom!"

Gotta love one on one time,



Jess said...

How sweet, that one little comment made all the "yes's" worth it :) Glad y'all had a GREAT day!!!

Jess said...
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