Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Long (really long), Strange Trip

We always have good intentions. Really we do.
We left for our 600 mile Spring Break trip to visit my parents last night to make those 600 miles just a little more bearable for all involved. Well, that's what we "intended".

We stopped for snacks, aka junk from the gas station, a mere 30 miles into the trip. Settled into the Star Wars DVD collection, after a battle-royal,cage-fight over who got to wear the 2 sets of headphones. Checked into the hotel a little past 11 pm, after all the kids got a nice energy-boosting-hunger-fueling 3 hour nap. Ate some tasteless, crappy fast food. We played a family game of musical beds for a few hours,slept for about 15 minutes, laid waste to the free breakfast buffet and packed the circus up to hit the road again.

About 30 minutes into the second circle of Hell, we see The Sign. Accident Ahead/Interstate Closed/Detour. Just the usual major-shut-the-interstate-down-WAY-out-of-the-way-bumper-to-bumper-for an hour and a half-detour. Ever the wrench-thrower, Number 3 speaks up as we are inching along at .5 miles an hour, "I have to pee. Really bad. I have to pee!". Like any good mother, I offered him a bottle. "My wing-wanger won't fit it there!!!"

Only 250 miles to go. That's PLENTY of time for "discussions" over who's touching who, why it isn't nice to play a harmonica while the baby is sleeping, where we're going to eat lunch...

Another day, another story,

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Janalee said...


Yeah, good luck, sister!


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