Monday, March 2, 2009

From rock star to snow angel

Stringbain is nothing if not versatile.

He can be picking out a new tune on the guitar one minute and showing off his rip-stick skills the next. Let's not forget his fabulous spelling skills, and most recently his parent-critiquing skills in our now once-weekly family meeting. Since he and limabain are saving for a Wii and and didn't have school today, he asked if there were any extra jobs he could do around the house. Yes, I had to reign in my enthusiasm to come up with only one job...

This may not make him anything other than what my partner referred to as an "unrepentant capitalist," but it sure makes me and the clean walls thankful for his resourcefulness. It also leaves me wondering if there were some magic flakes in that snow angel he made!

Hope your snow day was fun...


Mrs. White said...

snow day? what snow day?

Anonymous said...

I told you that you had great kids. He just might get me on that rip-stick one day.LOL


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